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VAR BOX GLOBAL TOUR – February Result Announcement

【VAR BOX GLOBAL TOUR – February 2022】 Featured Game: Hostage Rescue

Gloabl Top 3: Champion: Devan - Taiwan 1st Runner-up: Derek Cheng - Hong Kong 2nd Runner-up: 喵喵喵 - Taiwan

Congrats to the above winners! Please contact the tournament hosts via sending a Facebook message to the official VAR Global Tour page for details on redeeming your prize by 7 March.

In the February game, all warriors over the world show their perseverance and determinations to climb up the leaderboard. It is our official invitation to you to be a part of this international eSport event!

Updates on the event and other surprises will be posted on every Friday of the week! Get the latest news from us with your “like”.

VAR Global Tour is an international VR shooting competition organized by VAR BOX. Players can download the VAR LIVE APP to participate in the competition. Simply log in while playing on the VAR BOX to enter the competition! No other registrations required! The monthly top 3 players in the global rankings and top 4 players in each country/region will receive cash prizes, they might be also invited to the year-end global finals to win up to US$10,000.


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