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VAR Box Global Tour - March 2022: Battle Arena

【VAR Box Global Tour - March 2022: Battle Arena】

Tournament Schedule 1 Mar 2022, 0000 (+8GMT) – 31 Mar 2022, 2359 (+8GMT) *Ranking system will be reset every end of month 2359 (+8GMT).

Country Coverage Australia/ Malaysia/ Taiwan/ USA

Game Format DOUBLE TAP: Battle Arena - Shoot all targets as fast as you can

HOW TO PLAY Total Score Target point (shoot the targets) + Combo points (continue shoot the prisoner) + Special Score = Total score

[ Scoring Rule ] * Target Score Head Score +5 points Body Score +3 points * Combo Score Combo 11-50 add extra 2 point per shoot Combo 51-90 add extra 4 points per shoot Combo 91-∞ add extra 6 points per shoot * Special Scoring Double tap on same spot +2 points Triple tap on same spot +4 points

Tournament Terms and conditions

Tournament Terms and conditions For details of tournament terms and conditions, please refer to

[ Prize ] Country Monthly Ranking Prize Money Rank 1 USD 300 Rank 2 USD 200 Rank 3 USD 100 Rank 4 USD 50

Global Monthly Ranking Prize Money Rank 1 USD 1,000 Rank 2 USD 500 Rank 3 USD 300

The Payment of Prize Money - Player who receives prize money has a duty to follow each country / region's law for appropriate report. VAR LIVE will not hold any responsibility. - Valid photo identification showing your name and date of birth (e.g., Passport) is required for registration and payment of prize money. - Player is required to sign the confirmation document provided by VAR LIVE in person to receive the prize money. - If the player is unable to sign the document for any special reasons, please inform VAR LIVE in person. Otherwise, the prize money will be cancelled.

Participant Requirement - VAR LIVE APP account - At least 13 years old (below 13 years old players need to have written permission from their parent or guardian to participate in the tournaments)

Participation Rules VAR LIVE APP account is mandatory during whole GLOBAL TOUR. VAR LIVE account may not be sold or transferred to third party.

Tournament Inquiries Please contact us Contents above maybe subject to change. An announcement will be published when there are changes regarding this tournament.

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