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VAR BOX GLOBAL TOUR – Monthly Tournament

VAR BOX is thrilled to announce a total prize pool of over USD100,000 for its Global Tour Tournament!

From 1st Jan ‘22 to 31st Dec ’22, Play VAR BOX monthly featured game and place top 4 in your country to win cash prizes every month!

Participating Countries Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and USA

How to Participate Step 1: Download the VAR LIVE APP Step 2: Sign in & Play VAR BOX featured game of the month Step 3: Place Top 4 in your country for the month and win cash prizes!

Bonus: Place Top 3 Globally and win even more cash prizes! Bonus 2: Winners get to participate in the Grand Finals in Dec ’22 with a grand prize of USD10,000! Monthly Tournament Prizes START: Every 1st of the month 0000 (GMT+8) END: Every last day of the month 2359 (GMT+8)

1) Country Ranking Rank 1: USD 300 Rank 2: USD 200 Rank 3: USD 100 Rank 4: USD 50

2) Global Ranking Rank 1: USD 1000 Rank 2: USD 500 Rank 3: USD 300

VAR BOX Global Tour GRAND FINAL Champion: USD10,000 1st Runner-up: USD5,000 2nd Runner-up: USD3,000 Please stay tuned with us on the latest information and news!

Terms and conditions apply, please read the full terms and conditions here:

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