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VAR Global Tour August 2022 - Hostage Rescue

VAR Global Tour - August 2022

Featuring: Double Tap: Hostage Rescue Tournament Schedule

1 August 2022 - 31 August 2022

VAR Global Tour Area Coverage


Regional Game Coverage

Taiwan / China / Malaysia / Japan / Hong Kong HOW TO PLAY

Shoot the kidnappers as fast as you can without hitting any hostages!

Total Score

Target points (kidnappers shot) + Combo points (kidnappers shot consecutively) + Time Bonus (time remaining)


Headshot +5 points

Bodyshot +3 points

Shooting hostage penalty -10 points

Combo points

Combo 11-50 add extra 1 point per shot

Combo 51-90 add extra 2 points per shot

Time Bonus

+2.5 points per second remaining

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