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VAR Global Tour - November 2022 Results

The last regular season of VAR Global Tour has finally reach it's end. First of all, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciations to all the efforts of players. In the past 11 months, people from around the world completing for the honor in VAR Global Tour, together contributing to the future of VR eSport, which makes our game meaningful.

In 2023, we will hold the world's highest level VR eSport Championship - VAR LIVE Grand Final. We will invite all the top players across the globe to world's championship in later few months, they will be fighting for the 1st VAR Global Tour Champion and up to USD 10,000. The event date will be updated on VAR Global Tour Facebook Fanspage once it has been confirmed. Again, we look forward to seeing you guys in the grand final! Facebook:

Taiwan Top 10

China Top 10

Japan Top 10

Malaysia Top 10

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